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NOTE: There is a minimum pixel requirement for entering MVP, this being 15,000 or more pixels, this is to prevent dotting and to slow down alts being able to access MVP.

  • No Griefing
  • No Dotting
  • No Line Attacking
  • No Framing
  • No Sinking
  • No Botting (NOTE: Autoclickers can fall under this category IF they are faster than a regular player's placing speed)
  • No Tactics that involve any Variation of any of the Methods mentioned above
  • 2 Nations with the same color scheme (For instance Blue and Selj) cannot invade each other by removing the others faction symbols, they have to use a different color for the invasion if the flag has multiple colors other then the one that's the same or invade from a different side, then they can change it to their faction when the war is over
  • Any attempt to copy a nation will not be tolerated, i.e. Fullcum copying Fulcrum by using a similar design and same color scheme, this is to prevent confusion and possible impersonation.
  • MVP Chat Rules
  • MVP Art Rules
  • MVP Ban Lengths
  • MVP is supposed to be a canvas where you come to have fun. If you are toxic to other people, or try to ruin the overall experience of the canvas in any way, we may take action and punish you.
  • You are 100% responsible for what happens under your name/IP address.
  • Making a new account to apply for MVP after getting banned may increase your ban period.


  • Griefing is mostly associated with art (though in certain cases it can be messing up flags for the purpose of just messing them up), can be dotting at a large scale or dotting with many different colors, or just straight up removal/editing of art in a way that is against Art rules.
  • Dotting is when multiple pixels are placed in a random pattern.
  • Framing is not allowed. (Framing = Attacking as a faction you are not a member/ally of, probably to cause conflict. Allies can't start a war without the owner's permission.)
  • Line Attacking is attacking in a straight line for a long stretch of pixels (About 20 pixels).
  • Sinking is when someone uses the lightest grey possible to “sink” a country, making it visually harder to see on the map.
  • showcases the rules in a visual way as well

If you see anyone not following these rules, go to Discord, create a ticket in #raise-a-ticket and report the person in the ticket. It would help a lot if you would put screenshots into the reason.

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