Pixel place rules image
  • No griefing, No Dotting, No Extreme Line Attacking, No Sinking, Definitions are below the rest of the rules
  • Chat rules
  • Art rules
  • Framing is not allowed. (Framing = Attacking as a faction you are not a member/ally of, probably to cause conflict. Allies can't start a war without the owner's permission.)
  • You are 100% responsible for what happens under your name/IP address.
  • Making a new account to apply for MVP after getting banned may increase your ban period.
  • Changing factions to give away the land of the faction you changed to will result in a ban. Only the faction leader can give away land. If he is inactive, then contact a mod.
  • No adult (18+) or explicit content, images, etc. (penises, porn, you get the idea).

If you see Anyone not following these Rules Report them on the discord in the help Channel with ?report [User] [Reason]

It would help a lot if you would put screenshots into the reason.

  • Griefing is mostly associated with art, can be dotting at a large scale or dotting with many different colors, or just straight up removal of art in a way that is against Art rules.
  • Dotting is when multiple pixels are placed in a random pattern.
  • Extreme line attacking is attacking in a straight line for a long stretch of pixels (About 20 pixels).
  • Sinking is when someone uses the lightest grey possible to “sink” a country, making it visually harder to see on the map. showcases the rules in a visual way as well

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